Recent Photos

BBBS.JPG BBBS2.JPG Business Development - Pedal Foot.jpg Business Development - Pig Rearing.jpg HIVAIDS Workplace Workshop.JPG HIVAIDS workshop participant receiving certificate.JPG ISY Programme 2.JPG ISY Programme.JPG In School Youth Programme.JPG JICA Project Volunteers.jpg JICA Project.jpg National Park colour display 4.JPG Suzanne McCrae Facilitating HIVAIDS Awareness.JPG VYC in crown st.jpg Vacation Programme 09 1.JPG Vacation Programme 09 2.JPG Vacation Programme 09 3.JPG Work Programme.JPG Workplace HIVAIDS Workshop Session.JPG Workplace HIVAIDS Workshop.JPG

Core Values


Care - Put our clients, employees and their needs at the center of our work.
Innovation - Develop innovative solutions to complex health and social problems.
Respect - Respect every individual irrespective of race, class, and creed.
Consistency - Unswerving in our dedication to quality and sustainable service.
Learning - Committed to research, evaluation and use of new knowledge. 
Effectiveness - Plan for impact on lives of individuals, families and communities.