The Women’s Empowerment Program seeks to enhance women’s opportunities to start their own businesses. The overarching goal of the program is to improve the socioeconomic conditions of young women living in Georgetown, Guyana. According to the World Bank’s, ranking, out of 173 countries, Guyana has the 9th highest youth unemployment rate at 41.10%. When dis-aggregated by sex, the rate for young women is 46.90% unemployment and 39.70% for young men.
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About Project

While there are numerous business skill-building opportunities available to women, the underlying culprit of low participation among women in business is directly rooted in the manner in which most programs monitor and measure their impact on participants. It is not the implementation of entrepreneurship programs

that hinders female participation, but the lack of sustainability plans set in place by organizations that follow the completion of training. While many programs equip participants with a set of skills, they fail to take the step of monitoring exactly how participants are benefiting from the training they have received.

With the above in mind, VYC’s Women’s Empowerment Program is proposing to go a step further by introducing a sustainable option to increase women’s income through the Savings and Business Planning Training Initiative. The program is continuously evolving as we go through each cycle to adapt to the needs of local women. The second group of women will graduate at the end of January 2017. Going forward there will be a stronger focus on Business Planning and creating a connection for the women with the Small Business Bureau. VYC

aims to facilitate and maintain membership, interest, and participation of young women in Guyana’s entrepreneurial environment by redefining what business training looks like and how it is practiced in the Guyanese context.

VYC would like to thank the following organizations for their continued support with the Savings & Business Planning Training Initiative: Small Business Bureau (SBB), Guyana Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI), Institute of Private Enterprise Development Ltd. (IPED), National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). The contributions from these organizations form the backbone of the

training program.