The Interactive Career and Science Conference was held on December 5th, 2015 at the Regency Suites Hotel. The event brought in 200 guests including 150 students, teachers, speakers, and special guests. There were 12 schools in attendance including all 10 Career Guidance schools in addition to four ExxonMobil After-School Interactive Math and Science Schools. The students were served a morning snack of cheese sandwiches and juice, and a lunch of BBQ chicken, fried rice, macaroni and cheese, ice cream, and juice.

The event started with opening remarks from Goldie Scott representing VYC, Carlton James representing ExxonMobil, Leslyn Charles representing the Ministry of Education, and myself representing Cuso. The students then got the chance to socialize through an activity called Interview Bingo which gave students a list of characteristics and corresponding interview questions. The student who was able to answer each question with different students won a chocolate bar. Next, the students were sorted into two groups, one group remained in the main conference space to hear from ExxonMobil presenters about geology and natural resource exploration in Guyana, while the other group went to a secondary conference space to hear from Rawle Dundas who gave a motivational speech about working towards career goals and perseverance. The students then switched spaces to each hear the other presentation. Students were then served lunch over which they heard from Neoka John (a recent graduate of CPCE), Terrence Isaacs (a recent graduate of UG Medical School), and Shivanie Sugrim (a student in the UG Communications program) who each explained their journeys toward their career goals and what their experience in post-secondary was like. After lunch, Goldie led the group in an energizer session and students ended their day on an inspirational note.

The event gave students the opportunity to connect with other participants in the program from different schools and to experience the theme of interactive career exploration. The event exposed students to careers in the math and science field, empowered and motivated them to plan and achieve their career goals, helped them practice their interview skills, and allowed them to hear about what education opportunities after high school are like.