On March 30th students from 12 schools within the After-School Interactive Math and Science and National Career Guidance Programs departed to Splashmin’s Eco-Adventure Park for the third annual VYC Science Camp sponsored by ExxonMobil. This three-day camp is an opportunity for students to explore areas of science and personal development outside the traditional classroom setting and encourages students to build confidence and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors through activities that allow students to make friends and explore the natural environment.

Upon arriving at Splashmin’s students were sorted into groups to encourage interaction and friendship building among students from different schools after a welcome by CEO of VYC, Goldie Scott. Students were treated to a tour of the property and developed activities and presentations that were showcased during the evening’s bonfire.

On Day 2 of the camp, students made the best of a rainy morning with a visit to Yarrowkabra. Here students heard a lecture on forestry and were given a tour of the site where they learned about various types of trees and plant life grown on the property. After lunch, University of Guyana’s Department of Rehabilitation Sciences joined the camp to demonstrate to students that careers in medicine extend beyond doctors and nurses. Students learned about the fields of Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy and their growing importance in Guyana’s health landscape. The evening brought with it a talent show from students in each of their groups and brought the excitement of the camp to peak heights!

On the final morning of camp, students were joined by Tracy Greene Douglas of Pandama Retreat who facilitated a session connecting art and nature, allowing students to express their understandings of nature through creating mandalas. By the end of the activity students were sad to see the end of the camp drawing near, but after lunch came time for students to pack their bags and return to school.

VYC wishes to thank all those who helped in making this camp a success and we look forward to next year’s program!