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"Creating the right Balance for Change"

Ms. Goldie Scott, Chief Executive Officer (
Goldie Scott continues to lead VYC to many successes. In her role, she is responsible for the strategic direction of VYC. She demonstrates tact and diplomacy when interacting with colleagues, management personnel, staff, volunteers, international donor agencies and government, private sector and counterpart organisations. She has a degree in Environmental Studies and has pending a Diploma in Marketing and Masters in Community Change and Conservation.

Simone Sills - Program Manager ( responsible for the implementation of the Guyana Civil Society Leadership Project- a three year cooperative agreement signed with USAID. Ms. Sills as a Masters in Public Health and possesses strong Project management skills. 

Adeola Dorris - Finance Manager ( - responsible for the organisational financial management of its resources ensuring strict adherence to donor requirements.

Florence Scott - Administrative Officer ( responsible for Human resource management within VYC.

Other key technical Personnel include:

  • Leeanna Allen - Monitoring and Evaluation Officer 
  • Brian Pertab - Resource Mobilization Officer
  • Candace Elias - Policy and Advocacy Officer  
  • Jelena Ivic - Women Entrepneurial Advisor
  • Shawn Campbell - Office Clerk
  • Gordon Garnette  - Head of Security