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"Creating the right Balance for Change"


Ms. Goldie Scott
Chief Executive Officer
Board of Directors

About Ms. Scott

As the CEO of Volunteer Youth Corps Inc. (VYC), Goldie Scott continues to lead VYC to many successes. In her role, Scott exhibits strategic Planning; she demonstrates tact diplomacy and responsibility when interacting with colleagues, management personnel, staff, volunteers, international donor agencies and government, private sector and counterpart organisations. Simply put, Ms. Scott believes in youth and volunteerism; volunteerism as a means of reaching and empowering the less fortunate and disadvantaged – Scott’s vigorous and innovative fight to seek financial assistance for hospitalized persons needing treatment overseas and successfully executing the international program Big Brothers Big Sisters for the continent of South America are examples of that.

She has a degree in Environmental Studies and has pending a Diploma in Marketing and Masters in Community Change and Conservation