Volunteer Youth Corps Inc. met with Minister of Labor; Honorable Joseph Hamilton

On Wednesday March 9, 2022, a team from Volunteer Youth Corps Inc. (VYC) met with Minister of Labor; Honorable Joseph Hamilton, at the Ministry of Labor. The Organization gained tremendous insight into the Labor Ministry’s overarching role and the Board of Industrial Training’s accredited programs.
VYC commends the Minister on his commitment to the Ministry of Labor and his vision for the expanded services of the Board of Industrial Training.
Present at the meeting were: Goldie Scott; Chief Executive Officer, Volunteer Youth Corps Inc. (1st right), Mr. Nigel Niles;

Volunteer Youth Corps presented an award to ExxonMobil.

On December 1, 2021. The Volunteer Youth Corps presented ExxonMobil with an award in recognition of their outstanding contributions and ongoing commitment to the Volunteer Youth Corps’ STEM Afterschool program. STEM Afterschool Program (January 2012-2021) – The program provides online afterschool academic support for 5000+ students; grades 7-11, at 17 high schools in regions 3&4. Students are able to benefit from our annual STEM Camp, STEM conference and Awards, Robotics training and competitions, prize giving and awards ceremony. VYC connects teachers and students via ZOOM and other online platforms, as well as provides laptops,


Volunteer Youth Corps’ CEO, Goldie Scott, is a ‘Special Person’

Leading the charge for youth impact and development…

“Under the leadership of Mr. Kenroy Roach, myself and the others would show up every Saturday at the hospital to volunteer and provide non-medical support to the nurses and doctors. The kind of support we provided included making the bed, helping out in the children’s ward, and taking blood pressure testing and every Saturday I would show up and do this religiously.”

By Rehanna Ramsay Click here to see the original article –> Volunteer Youth Corps’ CEO, Goldie Scott, is a ‘Special Person’ Kaieteur News – When Goldie Scott was 15 years old,
Volunteer Youth Corps - STEM Camp

Volunteer Youth Corps – A humanitarian agency helping to empower our youths

Kaieteur News – Over the past 25 years, Volunteer Youth Corps (VYC) Inc., a local humanitarian agency, has been assisting youths in the areas of education, health and social development. Under the leadership of Ms. Goldie Scott, who is a founding member of the organisation since 1996 and the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO), VYC has engaged in 25 years of initiatives geared at helping to make lives for young people in Guyana a bit easier. Etched in its strategy to achieve this, is a holistic approach to youth development; one that embraces the highly tested notion that involves youths as active partners,
Volunteer Youth Corps - Feeding Program

VYC Feeding Program (Phase 1)

VYC’s Feeding Program.
 This past week, the Volunteer Youth Corps conducted another feeding exercise  for the children in the communities of Lodge, Sophia and its surrounding environs. The Feeding exercise is part of a larger initiative to feed a 1000 disadvantaged children, 12 years and under, in schools and communities across Guyana. Hampers and nutritious meals are distributed by staff and volunteers who meets to package the meals on distribution days.
The value of one meal is GYD600.
The ribbon is cut by Minister Ramson, Mr. Kashir Khan and Ms. Goldie Scott

Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects – Volunteer Youth Corps Guyana

   Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) / KUSANONE – Guyana
The Completion Ceremony for “The Project for the Expansion of Volunteer Youth Corps Youth Center” was held on Friday 18 June 2021 at the newly renovated Volunteer Youth Corps (VYC) building in Georgetown, Guyana, with virtual participation from Port of Spain by the Embassy of Japan. VYC received a grant of US $95,269 for the renovation and expansion of its Youth Centre building, creating more ample classroom space to carry out VYC’s activities and provide educational support to youth in Guyana.

Signing Agreement between the Government of Japan and The Volunteer Youth Corps for the Expansion and Renovation of the Volunteer Youth Corps Inc. Centre

mnp1686mnp1699agreement-signed The signing ceremony for the Grant Assistance for the Grass-roots Human Security Project (GGP) recipient took place at 11:00 a.m. on February 7, 2020, at the Volunteer Youth Corps Inc. Main Office in Lot ‘E’ Luckhoo Street, Durban Backlands, Georgetown, Guyana. The recipient of the grant assistance was, the Volunteer Youth Corps Inc. The organization received grant aid for the cumulative value of US$95,269 in grant aid from the Government of Japan to assist in their infrastructure development which will enable the organization will be able to create more ample space to carry out VYC’s activities and provide educational support to youth in Guyana.

VYC 7th Annual STEM Conference. Nov 30th, 2019

Under the theme “Present Innovators, Future Creators,” the event brought together 400 students from 11 Secondary schools in Georgetown. These schools have been actively implementing the STEM after-school programme facilitated by Volunteer Youth Corps Inc.  A team of engineers from ExxonMobil joined students throughout the day to participate in various exercises and experiments.  ExxonMobil Guyana has partnered with VYC Inc to implement STEM education in schools since 2012. In the after-school programme students are exposed to practical lessons in Physics, Chemistry, Integrated Science and Information Technology. There is also a three-day Science Camp at a local environmental facility. Highlights :