Volunteer Youth Corps Inc is a sub-recipient of Education Development Centre under the USAID/Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment Project between the period of 2012 and 2016.
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About Project

The organisation supported the component ” Detention Prevention” which targeted youth at-risk, mostly males who were school dropouts, involved in the juvenile justice system and/or  lacked the necessary education, skills, and attitudes needed by employers. SKYE goal was to assist youth to gain employment, education and job placement through skills building opportunities to  reconnect with society. VYC mainly used its Trainers to facilitate 5-week work readiness training using an 8 module curriculum developed by SKYE.   Over the period of 4 years, the organisation trained 800 plus at-risk youth and supported the hosting of coaches on site.

Improving the quality of life of marginalize youth project – Volunteer Youth Corps was sub-contracted  in phase I and II between the period of 2013 and 2015 as a part of the CVC/COIN Community Grants Project, to address the livelihood need of 1000 marginalize youth vulnerable to HIV/AIDS living in selected communities in South-east Georgetown.

In the first phase, a high percentage of the youth who were HIV positive and were able to access care and treatment through our health care partners. As such, in phase II the program was designed to provide a more comprehensive prevention and care support to the youth.  VYC expanded its services to include: creating a safe and comfortable space for youth, counseling and testing of all participants , case management support,  HIV prevention  training and livelihood development training (mechanic, woodworking, cosmetology, computer, sewing and employment) to aid youth in securing sustainable employment. Additionally, VYC has trained a core group of Peer educators to conduct weekly outreaches in Georgetown and along the East Coast.

Youth and Women Empowerment for Peaceful changeImplemented between the period 20092012. This program focused on changing behaviours of 100 in-school youth with conflict issues to serve as peace leadership  within their respective schools and communities. These youth were actively engaged in capacity building activities and regular community service work. VYC also provided relevant vocational skills training in areas of computer, business management, sewing, hydroponics and job enhancement and placement to 150 unemployed youth and single mothers to meet their livelihood  needs.

YES Spark project funded through Dutch National Youth Council and the Government of the Netherlands, Commonwealth Youth Program and private sector; * Focused on training 15 young persons as entrepreneurs on how to start their own businesses and financing through a revolving fund.

Infectious Disease Control in regions 5-7 funded through the Embassy of Japan in Trinidad,. Started in March 2008 – July 2009. Focused on equipping two regional hospitals with medical equipment and strengthening its diagnostic capacities to detect critical and life threatening infectious diseases and 12 communities to build community awareness of early detection. Among some of the equipment provided included: autoclaves, ultra-sounds, centrifuge machines microscopes etc.

USAID/HIV/AIDS/STIs Youth Project Start and end dates: 1st Oct, 1999- 30th Sept 2004. VYC focused on providing HIV prevention education and training to in-school and out-of-school youth and 6 organized youth groups (political, sports and Faith based).

USAID/Guyana HIV/AIDS Reduction and Prevention Project 1 and II: Commenced on October 2004- 30thSeptember 2009. Focused on providing HIV/AIDS workplace comprehensive services in 35 companies with over 5000 receiving awareness, education, peer education training and policy development assistance. Increase awareness among 3600 In and out of school youth on HIV/AIDS interventions.