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Volunteer Youth Corps Inc under the Cooperate Agreement NO. AID-538-A-15-00001 was recently awarded a 3-year grant through the United States Agency for International Development for a Project titled ‘Guyana Civil Society Leadership’ (GCSL). The GCSL project seeks to provide technical assistance to the NGO Coordinating Committee (NCC) in strengthening the network for greater impact and sustainability of the national HIV response, advocate more effectively for critical issues and strengthen partnership with the Government and Private sector to promote and enabling environment for civil society actors in the national HIV response.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to fill the following vacancies:

Applications can be send to:

Volunteer Youth Corps Inc,                      or   email: 
Lot 'E' Luckhoo Street,
Durban Backlands,

Closing date for applications is Friday 24, 2015.


150 High School Youth trained in career opportunities

Volunteer Youth Corps on December 6th 2014 hosted an ‘Interactive Career and Science Workshop’ under the sponsorship of ExxonMobil. This event brought students from various schools together to talk about future opportunities [...]

Youth in Region 4 participated in training programs

On October 27, 2014, Volunteer Youth Corps Inc. hosted its 9th HIV Prevention workshop under the CVC/COIN Vulnerabilized Group Project, PANCAP and Global Fund project for ‘Marginalize’ youth during the latter part of November 2014.[...]

Toy and Gift Distribution

Volunteer Youth Corps wishes to thanks the following organizations and individuals for their phenomenal donations of toys, clothing, food etc. and others that played a role in making our 2014 Annual Christmas Concert and Toy Drive a success. Because of your support, we were able to distribute over 300 gifts and fed those kids:  Many thanks  to Gafoors, Medicare, Digicel, Oasis Café, H.A. Snacks, Nicky Natural Juices, The Grill, Kirkpatricks Catering, Royal Castle, Sterling Products, Juice Power, Inter-American Development Bank, John Fernandes Group of company, AnsaMcal trading Ltd., Giftland Office Max, Ming’s Product and service, Chips online organization, Sueaquan Goomatie, Dr. Liverpool and Ram & Mc Rae.



We are inviting persons to register under VYC for 1 month classes in HIV prevention education, introduction to computers and hair and nails technician courses [...]